Your protection is our profession

Mission Statement

At AWICS we vow to keep you and your assets safe.

The fundamental mission of AWICS Security & Investigations, Inc. is to maintain leadership in the private investigations/security industry by excelling in every aspect of personalized protection and monitoring, thus allowing us to deliver unsurpassed superior service and expert guidance as our homeland adapts to the accelerating pace of worldwide change.


Why Choose Us

Work one on one with our clients to better understand your requirements and expectations throughout duration of our partnership.

Provide adequate resources that ensure our high standards that are never compromised.

Highly trained professionals optimized to protect assets and individuals.

Our highly trained staff are available to implement security measures around reatail outlets, commercial premise, industrial facilities and construction sites.

Our Security Services

We provide licensed officers who can be armed or unarmed to meet your needs. Our security officers are available 24/7 or can be scheduled at a time of your choice.
Vacation Home Watch Security
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Site Security Officers & Safety Management
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Government Facilities & Installations
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Event Security
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Private Investigation Services
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Protection Training
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