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Licensed Armed and/or Unarmed Security Officers| Available 24/7 or Schedule of Your Choice For Services

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Private Investigation Services

- Claims Investigations

- Comprehensive and Unbiased Investigative Reports

- Background Check Services

- Accident Investigations

- Locate and Interview Witnesses

- Interview Victims of Alleged Crimes

- Protect Crime Scenes

- Conduct Criminal Investigations

- Executive Protection

AWICS Security & Investigations prides itself on providing you with professional investigations that are complete, thorough, timely, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs and desires. All investigative reports are accurate, unbiased, clear, concise, comprehensive, and provided back to you in a time-efficient manner.
Our investigators completely understand our clients’ concerns. An eclectic investigative approach, combined with our rigorous attention to detail, enables us to fulfill each client’s unique needs and requests completely.
Our diverse team of individuals provide you with the highest quality of investigative and research services available today. With our expert team, you will be presented with the results you require.

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Our Security Services

We provide licensed officers who can be armed or unarmed to meet your needs. Our security officers are available 24/7 or can be scheduled at a time of your choice.
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Site Security Officers & Safety Management
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Government Facilities & Installations
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Event Security
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Private Investigation Services
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Protection Training
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