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Licensed Armed and/or Unarmed Security Officers| Available 24/7 or Schedule of Your Choice For Services

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Vacation Home Watch Security

When you go on vacation, leave your worries behind and travel with peace of mind.

Hire yourself an experienced, proactive security team to protect your home and property with a tailored service custom made according to your needs 24/7.

Contact Us for a free consultation, and we’ll customize a program to your needs.

Services for your home can include one or more of the following:

- 24/7 Monitoring by Trained Security Officers (Uniformed Officers-High Visibility or Plain-Clothes Officers-Discreet Monitoring)

- Comprehensive Preparation and Testing of Safety and Security Set-Up Before You Leave

- Complete Property Monitoring by Trained Officers, Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems

- Inner and Outer Perimeter Watching by Trained Officers, Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems

- Control Access and Egress Reporting

- Interior Checks

- Licensed Officers Armed and/or Unarmed – Your Choice

- And More – We Can Discuss During Your Free Consultation

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Our Security Services

We provide licensed officers who can be armed or unarmed to meet your needs. Our security officers are available 24/7 or can be scheduled at a time of your choice.
Vacation Home Watch Security
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